About the Artist

Sharon Appler

After a life and career that moved Sharon all over the world, she now lives full time in Dunedin, in (done-eat’n), FL which is in the Tampa/St Pete area.  Her art career started when painting with her grandmother as a child.  Her formal art training came from public schools (grade K-12), and many hours of classes and workshops at art institutions such as Dunedin Fine Arts Center.   Her career was spent in the 3D Graphics industry as software “geek” and project manager. Sharon participated in the evolution of 3-D technology that has turned into modern day video games, 3-D Computer Generated Images (CGI) and Virtual Reality. 

Selfie Portrait of the Artist in Brushstroke

Sharon is now a full-time multi-surface artist. She paints on canvas,paper, fabric, and metal using acrylic, watercolor and mixed media techniques.  As a member of Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild, her art cloth won a Best in Show at the Florida State Fair.  Sharon is a member of the Professional Visual Artists Association (PAVA) and the Dunedin Fine Arts Center.

Sharon is currently exploring both bold color and graphic lines in mixed media. Her most recent acrylic series is called “One of the girls”.  Find some of the girls along with other works hanging in her web gallery.